Legacy Chillers: Equipped with On-Screen User Help

Posted Monday, 15 February 2016 11:23 by Martin King in Buyer's Guide

In some cases, the on-screen user help built right into the HMI can answer technician questions, before they even have to call tech support. Legacy Chiller's is on the technician's team.

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Buyer's Guide: The Built-In Feature Saving Money and Downtime

Posted Tuesday, 02 February 2016 17:12 by Martin King in Buyer's Guide

In this video, Martin explains how Legacy Chillers takes advantage of completely field replaceable relays in order to save the customer thousands of dollars in some cases, as well as downtime of their process chiller. This is only one of the built-in ways that Legacy is trying to make process cooling easier, and raise the standards.

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Buyer's Guide: Intranet Access to Your Process Chiller

Posted Wednesday, 20 January 2016 11:16 by Sarah Whitfield in Buyer's Guide

Legacy Chillers provides multiple ways to access and control your process chiller without having to be standing in front of it. In this video, Martin King explains another one of those options: intranet access.

Buyer's Guide: Remote Start/Stop!

Posted Friday, 15 January 2016 13:09 by Martin King in Buyer's Guide

Legacy Chillers is always interested in saving our customers time and money, and we look to add features that can provide those benefits! The remote start/stop feature makes it possible for a technician to turn the chiller on or off from a remote location, saving them the trip to wherever the chiller is physically operating. This feature is especially helpful for large campuses.

In this video, Martin explains a little bit more about how it works, and the benefits of the remote start/stop feature!

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Process Chiller Software Updates: The Easy Way!

Posted Wednesday, 16 December 2015 09:48 by Martin King in Buyer's Guide

At Legacy Chiller Systems, we encourage and welcome suggestions and feedback. This is particularly helpful when it comes to our in-place screen and PLC updates, which is the ability to update the control interface (screen) and / or the programmable logic controller without needing to remove these devices from the chiller. A common method is to download updates, ideally at no cost to the customer, from the manufacturer's website and transfer the files to the chiller’s equipment via a USB jump drive. Most of the updates are adding new features, like the changes we made when customers requested digital scroll or VFD compressors. If you have any suggestions about controls, we always encourage feedback. Thanks for your help!

In this video, Martin explains a little bit more about the in-place screen and PLC updates.

For more information, request a copy of our Process Chiller Buyer's Guide!