Nexus Technology is the perfect combination of energy efficiency, reliability and innovation offering superior overall value to our customers.

Martin P. King
President - CEO
Legacy Chiller Systems, Inc.

What is Nexus Technology? Our engineers have totally re-engineered one of our most successful product lines to include new cutting edge technologies. If your Mission Critical facility requires high levels of reliability and efficiency, Nexus is designed to provide you with an unparalleled lifetime value.

Key Nexus Technology Features

Patented Economizer Technology
In addition to the chillers refrigeration system, a secondary Micro Channel heat exchanger system has been added. With Legacy’s proprietary economizer programming, this feature uses the outdoor air as the cooling medium whenever possible. Net result, KWH reductions of up to 60% and considerable reductions in carbon footprint. Potential qualification for LEED credits.

Email notifications
With a hard wired Internet connection, Nexus equipped chillers can send trouble and daily heartbeat email notifications to up to four separate email addresses. Net result, the ability to respond to potential cooling issues before critical process equipment is damaged.

Coming soon! Legacy Chiller Systems to offer a fee based monitoring and dispatch service for OEM customers.

Predictive Maintenance Monitoring
Nexus offers two services in this area when your chiller is connected to a wired Internet connection. First, the chiller will send you email alerts informing you when maintenance services are needed. And second, by way of Legacy proprietary PLC logic the chiller will email out when a maintenance item has reached the point of potentially interrupting cooling. Net results, maintenance is only performed when needed and the ability to respond to issues BEFORE a failure.

Variable Frequency Drives
Nexus offers VFD drive standard on both pumps and Copeland Scroll compressors.

On Compressors: Legacy Chiller Systems is one of the first process chiller manufactures to offer a newly redesigned scroll compressor capable of operating from 15 HZ up to 70 HZ. This new technology offers paramount capacity control and design flexibility.
On Pumps: Provides the ability to deliver design flow and pressure to the process. This flexibility allow for maximum efficiency by limiting energy usage to the work that needs to be done.

ECM fan technology
A Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) when controlled properly by a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) can maintain precise refrigeration pressures greatly enhancing overall cooling system performance. In addition to improving the chillers cooling performance, ECMs also reduce total KWH and reduce noise levels.

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Air-cooled Process Chillers, Packaged, Single Stage Scroll, with Tank

Model No.Cooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBSSubmittal Download
PZATN1S 14,000 BTUH 36.0 34.0 68.0 550.0 Call Factory
PZATN1.5S 18,000 BTUH 36.0 34.0 68.0 600.0 Call Factory
PZATN2S 22,000 BTUH 36.0 34.0 68.0 650.0 Call Factory
PZATN2.5S 28,800 BTUH 36.0 34.0 68.0 700.0 Call Factory
PZATN3S 36,000 BTUH 46.0 34.0 72.0 800.0 Call Factory
PZATN4S 49,200 BTUH 46.0 34.0 72.0 850.0 Call Factory
PZATN4.5S 51,600 BTUH 46.0 34.0 72.0 875.0 Call Factory
PZATN5S 55,200 BTUH 46.0 34.0 72.0 900.0 Call Factory
PZATN7S 75,600 BTUH 75.0 34.0 72.0 1100.0 Call Factory
PZATN8S 84,000 BTUH 75.0 34.0 72.0 1150.0 Call Factory
PZATN9S 98,400 BTUH 75.0 34.0 72.0 1250.0 Call Factory
PZATN11S 112,400 BTUH 75.0 34.0 72.0 1300.0 Call Factory

Air-cooled Process Chillers, Packaged, Dual Stage Scroll, with Tank

Model No.Cooling CapacityLength InchesWidth InchesHeight InchesWeight LBSSubmittal Download
PZATN7D 73,200 BTUH 75.0 34.0 77.0 1100.0 Call Factory
PZATN9D 96,000 BTUH 75.0 34.0 77.0 1200.0 Call Factory
PZATN9.5D 102,000 BTUH 75.0 34.0 77.0 1250.0 Call Factory
PZATN10D 108,000 BTUH 75.0 34.0 77.0 1250.0 Call Factory
PZATN13D 147,000 BTUH 85.0 40.0 77.0 1300.0 Call Factory
PZATN15D 167,000 BTUH 85.0 40.0 77.0 1400.0 Call Factory
PZATN18D 190,800 BTUH 85.0 40.0 77.0 1450.0 Call Factory

Air-cooled process chiller capacities based on ARI standard 45 °F LWT and 95 °F AMB.